More than a lessons learned database

Lessonflow is a platform for actually learning lessons, automating and tracking actions to new projects and sites, to ensure that relevant lessons are always considered which research shows can reduce recurring problems by 44% ¹

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Our approach

For over 20 years we have worked in partnership with our customers to ensure lessons learned deliver real results.

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Learning organizations see real results from effective lessons learned processes

Reducing costs

Improve efficiency

Maximize profitability

Systemize and embed lessons

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About Lessonflow

About us

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Where is my data stored?
Have you experience in our industry?
Are there 3rd party integrations available?
We don't have standardized process for lessons learned, can you still help?
What about GDPR?

Key processes

Aim for more than just project retrospectives and a lessons learned database, push the right lessons to the right people at the right time with clear actions and auditability.


Lessons learned processes


Lessons learned processes


Lessons learned processes


Lessons learned processes

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¹ Metrics from a 12 month Abudi Consulting Group study implementing a generic process and system to capture and apply lessons learned.